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Coming In For A Landing (Page)

Thursday, August 25, 2011 @ 11:08 PM
Stella Oefinger

Simply put, a landing page is any web page you find when searching for a particular subject matter in a search engine (i.e. Google or Yahoo!). A good landing page can be a specially designed page that looks different from the company’s Web site but maintains the brand integrity.

A little something-something about search engine optimization
Often companies create landing pages to drive targeted traffic to a specific service or product. One commonly used form of advertising is pay-per-click – paid advertising that will show up at the very top or on the right side of a searched page result. Every time someone clicks on the ad, the advertising company pays an agreed upon fee. There are many controls that can be put in place to stay within budgetary constraints. However, the ad must be valued a certain way (by the search engine) in order to get the best place, but that’s another blog post.

Other ways landing pages show up is through organic results. Often organically positioned landing pages (or Web sites) provide greater credibility. Optimal organic placement is when a web page is positioned on the first page in the top spots (i.e. spot 1, 2 or 3) of a particular search phrase.

Bottom-line benefits

One of the greatest benefits of landing pages for the consumer is they do not have to sort through an entire Web site to find what they are looking for. Plus they have an opportunity to make immediate contact via phone or usually through a contact form.

For the company, a landing page proves beneficial through higher conversion rates. The trick is not to inundate with too much information or images but rather keep the page short and to the point while still getting your message across. Depending on the budget and time allotted for the campaign will affect just how you develop your strategy. There is no simple answer. The strategy is shaped by considerations such as the product, competition, market demands and location of target.