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Coming In For A Landing (Page)

Thursday, August 25, 2011 @ 11:08 PM
Stella Oefinger

Simply put, a landing page is any web page you find when searching for a particular subject matter in a search engine (i.e. Google or Yahoo!). A good landing page can be a specially designed page that looks different from the company’s Web site but maintains the brand integrity.

A little something-something about search engine optimization
Often companies create landing pages to drive targeted traffic to a specific service or product. One commonly used form of advertising is pay-per-click – paid advertising that will show up at the very top or on the right side of a searched page result. Every time someone clicks on the ad, the advertising company pays an agreed upon fee. There are many controls that can be put in place to stay within budgetary constraints. However, the ad must be valued a certain way (by the search engine) in order to get the best place, but that’s another blog post.

Other ways landing pages show up is through organic results. Often organically positioned landing pages (or Web sites) provide greater credibility. Optimal organic placement is when a web page is positioned on the first page in the top spots (i.e. spot 1, 2 or 3) of a particular search phrase.

Bottom-line benefits

One of the greatest benefits of landing pages for the consumer is they do not have to sort through an entire Web site to find what they are looking for. Plus they have an opportunity to make immediate contact via phone or usually through a contact form.

For the company, a landing page proves beneficial through higher conversion rates. The trick is not to inundate with too much information or images but rather keep the page short and to the point while still getting your message across. Depending on the budget and time allotted for the campaign will affect just how you develop your strategy. There is no simple answer. The strategy is shaped by considerations such as the product, competition, market demands and location of target.


4 Reasons Why A Blog Matters To Your Business

Saturday, July 30, 2011 @ 08:07 PM
Stella Oefinger

I was speaking to a prospect today about his company’s online strategy. He has been spending money on pay-per-click advertising but getting no results nor is he ranking organically (where he wants). In other words, he has not gotten any business. He heard about the theory of why a blog is important but did not understand the concept of how it can work to his advantage.

This particular businessman is more proactive than many people with their online strategies. However, so many companies design a Web site and ‘wallaaa’, they are done. I would say that’s a great start but certainly not all you should do after exerting the effort and money into developing keyword strategies, writing content and creating design. If you have no way to consistently reach out to your clients, prospects and referral sources, then all you have is an address online.

Why is a blog an integral part of an online strategy? Below are just a few of the reasons to post on a blog for your business health.

First and foremost, it helps boost traffic
Search engines love Web sites with fresh content. They key is not to create posts but create posts with keyword phrases in them. Keep in mind that every page of your Web site has a chance of getting optimized (high placement on search engines like Google). In fact, there will be times that one blog post ranks higher than your Web site pages.

Builds trust and ultimately establishes the relationships
Giving information away about what you do or how you things may seem counterintuitive if you have never taken this approach before. Yes, you will come across a few do-it-yourselfers, that’s just part of doing business. The bottom-line is that most people do not want to actually do the work; they want the assurance that they are speaking to the best person for the job.

Relative to other marketing strategies, it’s the lowest cost
There are many ways to spend your time and money. If you choose to keep your own blog updated with content, then you will invest time. Relative to the cost, blog posts can be such a great way to leverage your time and money. A professional writer will offer concise information that will appeal to your readers.

One blog post, many uses – Repurpose!
One of my favorite reasons to publish blog posts is the many uses you can get from just one post! Here’s my personal strategy:

1) 4x monthly I create and publish an informative post to my blog
2) Grab and shorten the URL (use a free program like Bitly)
3) Using Hootsuite to post to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, I schedule the post notification to go out during the peak time for my business during the week
4) Bi-monthly, I create a newsletter using the posts over the past 8 weeks and distribute to my list
5) I did this for one of my clients: Pull together 10-20 posts and create an e-book. Offer it for free on your Web site or in landing pages. This is a great way to create interest in your business and offer something that your competitors aren’t providing.

Although we are so used to the immediate nature of the internet, keep in mind that blogging is another form of marketing and it does take time. But with consistency and a little patience, it can work for your benefit.